Year 5778

The Year of the Open Door of Opportunity

The Wall Association is asking for a covering prayer of protection and blessings over the following individuals, ministries, their families and businesses:

Pastors Tommy & Brenda Todd
Gap Standers International Ministries

Chuck Pierce
Glory Zion International Ministries

Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward
Destiny Ministries

Pastor Lisa Enebeli
The Apostolic Resource Center

Pastors Joey & Rhonda Fulfer
Destination Church of Navarre, FL

Pastors Charles and Kawanis Scott

Peter's Rock Church

Prophetess Sarah Morgan

Los Angeles, CA

Founder Prophetess Maureena Summers and the ministry team of The Wall Association, and also covering over all the pastors, ministers, prophetess, apostles and intercessors who are connected with the ministry (Meet Me At The Wall), as we continue to pray for you and your ministry.

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"Belly of the Whale"

by Prophetess Maureena Summers

Revelation 1:10 (AMP)

I was in the Spirit [in special communication with the Holy Spirit and empowered to receive and record the revelation from Jesus Christ] on the Lord’s Day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet,

 2018 Sound Summit

August 2018 - Tulsa


Summary: The Tribe of Naphtali/Month of Adar

Adar: 29 or 30 days - February, March

Alphabet: KUF — removing the masquerade, entering joy

Tribe: Naphtali – “sweetness is to me;” a time of celebration that your curse is overturned.

Characteristics: Your true identity should be reflected this month, spiritually as well as physically. This is a month to overturn worry through the release of supply. This month you will develop you war strategy. Don’t let the giants produce fear in you and guard yourself from idolatry. This is the time for decrees set against you to be broken. This is the month roots of depression and despair can break through into faith.

Constellation: Pisces (the fishes) — finding supply in the “hidden” world. There is an identity for you in the invisible world.

/Stone: Purple/Amethyst

Adar is the twelfth month of the Jewish calendar. The word Adar means “strenghth.” This is a month of good fortune for the Jewish people and a month of joy.

Adar is the month of Naphtali which means “sweetness is to me.” This is a time of celebration so that any curse is overturned and things become sweet. Adar is a good month but also a dangerous month.

The constellation for this month is Pisces, the month of the fishes. You will find your supply in the hidden world. This is the month where Jesus told Peter to find the fish with the money in its mouth to pay their taxes.

The Hebrew letter linked to Adar is KUF. This is the month to remove the masquerade so you can enter into laughter. In other words, remove any mask you have been hiding behind so you can enter into the true joy of who you are. A mask always stops the joy.

Adar is the month to root out depression and despair so faith can break through into your thought processes. We all have roots of depression and despair to some degree, but we can overcome these roots with the joy of gladness. Take off the cloak of heaviness and put on you garment of praise.

Courtesy of GOZIM