Kelvin Senseless Killing

The Story


(Kelvin Senseless Killing)

My son Kelvin was shot three separate times before, but the fourth encounter was a fatal gunshot to the head by a rival drug dealer and thief, the killing was senseless and no one’s life should have been taken like that.

I ministered to my son while he was incarcerated about his life choices, and after he returned home Kelvin had decided to change his life six months prior to his death, by giving himself to the Lord; he had a premonition he was not going to be living much longer, and felt he would be killed in a horrible way.

Through the death of my son The Wall Association, Inc. (Meet Me at the Wall Ministry) was birth (John 12:23-25). As God has given me a ministry of deliverance and healing for those who have made wrong choices in their lives, and a voice for justice. The Wall Association travel every 3rd Monday of the month to the Kansas City Department of Corrections, to minister the Word of God to those in need of healing and deliverance. If you are interested in joining me or donating Bibles for the inmates, please fill out the information below: