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THI IS THE WORD OF THE LORD Prophetess Maureena Summers 2/28/20

I saw this in the spirit and I heard decree and declare
I take Authority over every assignment of hell, The spirit of Delilah, I take Authority over all restraining orders that the enemy has tried to file a motion in the court room of heaven to revoke our restraining orders against the enemy as a Nation and the people of God and we say that the enemies assignment is null-and voided, the Blood of Jesus over every Sickness, witchcraft, aggravating, harassment, death, hidden agendas, this motion that has been filed by the enemy is denied. Father we repent, father God for what we have said or done and we did not know, for decisions we have made and we did not know forgive us. Now we take the tent peg as in the Spirit of Jael and we rise up and we drive in the Temple of our enemies as a Nation and the Children of the most high God, In Jesus name, I speak now to the spirit of Haman you are hung on the gallows and the spirit of Esther is released in our Nation, in our marriages in our family in our children’s lives, in our ministries in our businesses in our jobs in the seven mountains that have been mandated to the kingdom we our kingdom children and this Nation and we position to possess, we say Haman you have been found guilty, NOW Spirit of Esther you are released on Our Nation, Goforth release the people of God, spirit of Esther Goforth release the promises and inheritance of God upon God‘s people and our Nation, spirit of Esther shift the system into the kingdom system I decree and declare it. in Jesus name Amen.

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Prophetess Maureena Summers

Judges 16:15-19

I Heard the Word of the Lord saying for Haman has been hung on the gallows yes yes he has been hung on the gallows but now Delilah will come asking for the forth time as I stated before in a double portion Delilah will come Haman is no longer the The assignment in motion Haman is no longer standing in your way Haman has been hung on the Gallows, Haman was a distraction , but Delilah will arise in two heads, in two Pit-Bulls she will arise she will arise now expose her expose her to be disposed. The Arm of the Lord will bring her down Cry, Cry out to me saith the Lord Almighty that she does not ask the fourth time but muzzle her mouth, her mouth will be seal in many doors of petitions, supplication,witchcraft , she has been the speaker, the orchestrator the Director. Almighty judge of The Courts of Heaven with this restraining order muzzle Delilahmouth, restrain her nagging, her supplication, her petition, witchcraft bow to the name of Jesus, this restraining order comes from the Almighty judge of The Courts Of Heaven, send your verdict ELOHIM, send the verdict.
Prophetess Maureena Summers