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 - August 8, 2017God's glory covering the world I had a dream a few nights ago and It was like a blanket that I saw cover the world and it was God's glory I knew then and there that 2017, it's not just Victor year but it was reinstatement time.

Hebrew 12:26-28

26 At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.”

27 The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain.

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,

God is reinstated positions and his glory is being revealed through our victory I saw God in the dream shaking out things in this blanket of glory things being shaken out of the blanket that didn't belong there and I saw things that was supposed to be there sticking and staying and this was Gods glory over the world over our nation I believe it is time to be re-position and realign God is shaken what needs to be shaken and those things that remain will remain we serve a kingdom that cannot be shook, shaken or even taken down nor taken over. God said it is reinstatement time declares the Lord.


There are three voices you listen to

The voice of your need
the voice of your Greed
and the voice of your seed

Your seed connects you to Gods supply
The seed you sow stop the devil in his tracks
Your seed activated the power of God
Yes he will defy world conditions to see don’t check with the stock market
Your seed will move the hand of God in action
God is not moved by your need he’s moved by your seed

Second Corinthian’s 9: 7
Your seed guarantees A harvest
The sizes of your seed will determine the size of your harvest.

Your seed activates the hand of Go

Eclectica 9:16-18
Isaiah 26:2 nation gate
Ezek 46:12 east gate offering
Psalm 118:19 righteousness gate
Psalm 24:9 ancient doors
Acts 12:10 the iron gate
Isaiah 60:11 wealth of the nation gate
Psalm 24:7 king of glory gate
Nahum 2:6 gates of rivers
Nahum 3:13 gate of the land/ fire fate
Acts 12:14 the voice gate

August 18, 2018
Hebrew 11 Who became who became
You got to be trained to increase in our ability to believe God that’s one of the training's

Isaiah 55
Ezekiel as he spoke as he open his mouth they didn’t move or do anything before he spoke.
God system that works by words his words
Elul came out of Egypt now we made some mistake got ahead of God behind God made mistakes The King is in the Field.

Joshua 14:22-15
Give me that mountain
He knew exactly what his inheritance was.

   AUGUST 18, 2019

God is calling us to a mature place of faith he is calling his people to stand no matter what it looks like what it Sounds like God is calling us to stand in the mist of crisis, trauma, chaos, hectic, lies, confusion, when your bottom falls out and even to death STILL God is calling us, the word of God says faith without works is dead we take that as being busy all the time that’s not it at all faith without works is dead by it self (James 2:17) means faith without movement God wants us to hear the sound of the words in the spirit and then release movement in the spirit realm so that we can move with faith not in our own minds and conscience and immaturity 5780, 2020 will be the greatest year of our lives it is the year of the mouth it is the year of declaration its time to open your mouth and speak faith through the wisdom of God “ I was in a day vision I saw a mouth it was wide open but it was speaking and while the mouth was speaking I saw Fire, swords and they were coming forth and the fire and swords was taking out Our enemies., This was not any type of sword this was a pilum - the Roman spear, Whenever this spear is thrown it penetrates helmets and armor of the enemy and causes serious damage When the Roman soldiers enemy was penetrated but yet the pilum spear did not penetrate the skin, still the Roman soldiers enemies could not maneuver nor pull the sword out which made the enemy became vulnerable the Roman soldiers were able to walk up to their enemies and take the sword and devour their enemies) This is the Year Of PEY (mouth) remember only WISDOM is the KEY this year that we are stepping into we will need faith, God wants to do something he has never done before he’s not preparing us any longer he saying are you ready on your March get set go.

PEY (mouth) this is season to make your enemies PAY.

Prophetess Maureena Summers

Today 8/17/19
I heard God speak to me
I am breaking this Nation I am breaking this Government so they will bow to me my righteousness is Arising my righteousness is doing what It was sent to established and do. Psalms 33:8-12 this Nation will call on my NAME this Government will stand in my righteousness I will get the GLORY this is my plan this is my people this is my NATION I will get the Glory. They will bow at my feet and cry out to me vengeance is mine. My verdict is to heal and restore what belongs to me I am Yahweh who can contain me I am the Creator the beginning and the end I frustrate the plan of the Adversary who can contain me, Yahweh the Creator I am bringing joy to this Nation my Government will stand forever The Lord, Jehovah Sabaoth. At that point the Lord Jehovah Sabaoth instructed me to pray for the Nation Government for three months proclaim and declaring Psalms 33:8 -12 , Psalm 9:8-10. The Lord spoke to me again, my Government will stand firm forever.

Prophetess Maureen’s Summers

This irophetess Maureena Summers
4:02 PM (0 minutes ago)
to me

I saw this in the spirit and I heard decree and declare
I take Authority over every assignment of hell, The spirit of Delilah, I take Authority over all restraining orders that the enemy has tried to file a motion in the court room of heaven to revoke our restraining orders against the enemy as a Nation and the people of God and we say that the enemies assignment is null-and voided, the Blood of Jesus over every Sickness, witchcraft, aggravating, harassment, death, hidden agendas, this motion that has been filed by the enemy is denied. Father we repent, father God for what we have said or done and we did not know, for decisions we have made and we did not know forgive us. Now we take the tent peg as in the Spirit of Jael and we rise up and we drive in the Temple of our enemies as a Nation and the Children of the most high God, In Jesus name, I speak now to the spirit of Haman you are hung on the gallows and the spirit of Esther is released in our Nation, in our marriages in our family in our children’s lives, in our ministries in our businesses in our jobs in the seven mountains that have been mandated to the kingdom we our kingdom children and this Nation and we position to possess, we say Haman you have been found guilty, NOW Spirit of Esther you are released on Our Nation, Goforth release the people of God, spirit of Esther Goforth release the promises and inheritance of God upon God‘s people and our Nation, spirit of Esther shift the system into the kingdom system I decree and declare it. in Jesus name Amen.

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