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In the pivotal crossover of the year 5784 / 2024, lend your ear to the voice of your God, Yahweh, as a profound metamorphosis takes place in the economic realm. I, the Lord, announce a season of pressing, envisioning a supremely good press of extremely large proportions bearing a mighty olive. The sheer magnitude of this olive signifies a bountiful increase ordained for your land. It is a moment to leap forward, having already embarked upon the next phase.

Within the divine calendar of 2024, a momentous shift is destined for the economic fabric of the land. I, the Lord, proclaim that the time of pressing has arrived. I observed a extremely large olive positioned upon the supremely good press—its splendor reflecting the enormity of splendor and  blessings. Hear this proclamation: abundant increase is destined for this nation, prompting a call to leap forward. As you have already launched, now is the appointed moment to take a mighty leap.

Behold, in the heavenly realms, I unveil the pressing of the colossal olive to the third heaven. The Apostle Paul, in his discourse on the "third heaven" as paradise, received extraordinary revelations. in the middle of  the challenges symbolized by the thorn in his flesh, America is under judgment. I am dismantling corruption and revealing truths in My church and the government structure across the nation. My divine plan for My people shall come to fruition, and the governance rests upon My shoulders. The flow of oil remains unceasing.


Comprehend this eternal truth: I, the everlasting God, declare an infinite abundance, for all silver and gold are Mine. Witness the pressing of the olive to the third heaven, where the Apostle Paul spoke of paradise and heard wondrous things. The olive, symbolizing prayer, the Word, and the fire of God, flows ceaselessly with oil. Know that I never run out, for I own all silver and gold. In ancient times, the initial press consecrated olive oil for sacred use, mirroring how your prayers consecrate the currency of your nation. The second press sustains nourishment, rooted in My Word, and the third press kindles the fire of God.

I decree that the flame on the altar of this nation shall not diminish, for a critical time is upon you. The prayers of the intercessors have been heard, assuring that America's currency will not dwindle for a time. I shall save this land as I saved the Israelites. America is the river where My heart flows through. Prepare, for brief disruptions in the nation's currency may occur—a brief period tending to of the battle of Gideon. Yet, victory shall be yours, just as Gideon triumphed. Trust in My divine plan, for I am the Lord, your God, guiding the economic shift with My sovereign hand. Fear not, for America's currency shall not run dry, as your prayers have reached My ears. A short season of hiccoughs is to the battle of Gideon, ensuring victory as in the days of Joshua. I declare a time of exposure and disposal, a season of judgment. The thief has been caught, and the javelin is raised in the hands of My intercessors. Just as I instructed Joshua, fear not; take up arms and go forth, for the enemies, including clones, shall be dismantled.

Witness the victory over Ai, as the ambush prevails, and the city falls. The transfer of wealth unfolds in the heavenly courts. Go there, for I am the Judge, ready to pronounce the verdict upon the enemies' heads. Recall Gideon's triumph, where confusion befell the adversary. As per Isaiah 45:3-4, I herald the year of unveiling hidden treasures stored in secret places. I summon you by name, bestowing honor upon you, My chosen ones, even if acknowledgment may be lacking.

Embrace this prophecy, for it unveils My divine plan. Trust in My promises, for I am the Lord, your God, the God of Israel. With unwavering love, I remain your Supreme Court Judge.

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