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Ezekiel 21:27-32

27 I will overturn, overturn, overturn the kingdom, so that even the new order that emerges will not succeed until the Man appears who has a right to it. And I will give it all to him.

28 “Son of dust, prophesy to the Ammonites too, for they mocked my people in their woe. Tell them this: “‘Against you also my glittering sword is drawn from its sheath; it is sharpened and polished and flashes like lightning. 29 Your magicians and false prophets have told you lies of safety and success—that your gods will save you from the king of Babylon. Thus, they have caused your death along with all the other wicked, for when the day of final reckoning has come, you will be wounded unto death. 30 Shall I return my sword to its sheath before I deal with you? No, I will destroy you in your own country where you were born. 31 I will pour out my fury upon you and blow upon the fire of my wrath until it becomes a roaring conflagration, and I will deliver you into the hands of cruel men skilled in destruction. 32 You are the fuel for the fire; your blood will be spilled in your own country, and you will be utterly wiped out, your memory lost in history. For I, the Lord, have spoken it.’”

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